Maintaining your health all through lengthy work hours at home (Work from home during current Covid19 condition) or office may be achieved via way of means of implementing the following Exercises.

Are you facing Neck Pain problem during your routine Working Hours?If Yes… Then,We have Solution for your problem.  Neck Pain : There are 6 general Neck exercises which you may effortlessly do in workplace to save you Neck Pain due to long hour sitting in the front of computer. 1• Neck Flexion: Bend your neck ahead in order that it [...]

Exercises at home or office during Covid 19 Lockdwon

7 Ways to Exercise at home or office During Covid 19 lockdown

7 Ways to #Exercise at home or office During #Covid19 lockdown and #workfromHome condition. Office work requires you to sit at one place for long stretches. You get less or no time to indulge in physical exercise which effects your #health. Here are some exercises which you can try between your work to remain fit and going. Take break [...]

Knee Pain

Knee Pain – How Physiotherapy Can Help?