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Story of Pain and Discovery of Solution…

Yes, this is the story of most of us because we are busy man or women.

The #story of life gets changed when something happens ( May be due to some bad #posture, jurk, or #accident) all of sudden without our consent and we start feeling some pain which is currently tolerable due to  our #physical or inner strength. Now we are going to ignore those signals of pain due to our busy lifestyle  or some other important work.

Sometimes we use some topical pain killers to get some relief from that #painful condition and try to delay it. but unknowingly we are increasing those problems because of the Effect of pain killer we do not able to judge what is right or wrong posture in that condition. Finally that little problem going to worse. Now it is the time when we think to a visit #Doctor.

Now you want to ask?

What we have to do in this condition??

Yes, You have to go and visit to good #Physiotherapist Doctor.

Why to choose Physiotherapy ?

Physiotherapy uses proven hands on techniques and exercises to help in treating different conditions. To prevent additional damages they work to rehabilitate and restore the use of a body part. They will develop a #treatment plan that meets your personal needs and through their #diagnosis and check-ups. To ease the pain, the physiotherapist uses the hands on treatment like, gentle hand pressure over joints and stretch muscles to help a person to move easier and with less pain. They also teach special exercises and movements to reduce pain and speed healing. Much research has proven and Dr Payal Sharma is also saying that if a person starts #physiotherapy early, so he could quickly recover for a short and long term.

To know more about ( #Backpain , #neckpain , #Sciatica #Pain , #Spondylitis etc) Visit us at our Clinic- Dr Payal physiotherapy clinic, Vaishali Nagar Jaipur.