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Importance of Stretching: Series 3

Importance of Stretching: Stretches the Chest, Neck, Spine and Hips. Strengthens the Back, Buttocks and Hamstrings. Improves Circulation of Blood. Helps alleviates stress and mild


Importance of Stretching : Series 2

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Importance of Stretching

You Should know that??..Stretching increases blood flow to the muscle. Increases oxygen levels. Helps improve flexibility, improving range of motion in your body Joints. Releases


Importance of Walking just 30 minutes a day

Walking just 30 minutes a day , Helps you lose weight and reduce stress, Lower blood pressure and reduce your risk of many chronic diseases.


Relieves Lower Back Pain..

YOU SHOULD KNOW THAT?? When you do Happy baby pose regularly to Relieves Lower Back Pain. Stretches & Soothes the spine. Calms the Brain. Help


Stretching Posture for Back Pain

This area which causes strain to stiffness and causes back pain in the lower back. This area should be stretched every day, especially if you