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If you find yourself dealing with back pain problems on regular basis, it?s worth making sure that your everyday habits are? back friendly?

When something done without proper form, routine activities- cleaning house, working at desk, driving, gardening, sleeping, cooking or activities of daily routine can take a toll on your back. Be kind to your back on following theses step:

1. Choose good sitting posture- your office chair should provide good back support, Ideally with an adjustable, lumber support, arm rests and wheels.

2. Arrange your work space so you don?t have to do a lot of twisting to reach for frequently used items.

3. Drive with your back in mind- sit back in your seat and if necessary, use rolled blanket or towel behind your lower back for lumber support. Shift your weight occasionally. When driving long distance, take frequently breaks to stretch.

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4. Travel light & don?t overload briefcase, purses or backpacks.

5. Sleep in alignment-if you can sleep on your side with your knees bend and pulled slightly towards your chest. Your pillow should keep your head level with your spine.

6. You don?t keep your head propped up too high. Choose a mattress that?s firm enough to support your spine.

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