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Does irregular sleep give you weight?

Are U Shocked ?
Yes , Irregular or Lack of Sleep leads to overeating. According to a group of researchers of Medicine from Pennsylvania University, our sleep patterns are correlated with our diet.
Deprivation of sleep intervenes with the hormones of the body that sends out a signal when we have eaten enough. Therefore, Irregular or Lack of Sleep can lead to bad dietary choices.

Sleep Patterns
What do you think Sleep patterns are important?
Yes, Sleep patterns are very Important. You have to first diagnose or understand what kind of pattern you have:
A. Very short sleep where the sleeping hours are for less than 5hrs.
B. Short sleep extending to five or six hours a night.
C. The standard normal sleeping pattern having a tenure of 7 to 8 hours.
D. The long hours stretch to more than 8 to 9 hours.

The After-Effect of Sleep Patterns

Short Sleepers: It is found out that people who slept for shorter hours eventually consumed more calories and fewer total lycopene and carbohydrates along with small amounts of Vitamin C. So there is obviously a relation between bad sleep and bad diet as insufficient or short sleep affects your diet adversely.

Normal Sleepers: These people showed the highest variety of food in their diets. A diverse or diffrent diet is a key to a good diet containing the benefits of multiple nutritions. According to research, deprivation of sleep hampers appetite as it regulates the hormones.

What Happens When You Have Had A Bad Sleep?
? While you are busy working late night, your body cooks up the perfect weight gain recipe by sending the hormones haywire.Having insufficient, short or bad sleep can actually make you fat and feel affecting your weight.
? Your body tempts you to binge eating which also contributes to weight gain,When you tend to stay awake late at night.
? You tend to feel tired due to short or bad sleep and Workouts takes a backseat.
? Late night or short periods of sleep can leave you stressed and your can skin dull .