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School Bags and Children Bad Posture

Now a days if we look at the children going to school, they are bend completely to hold the weight of bags on their back. These bags are too heavy for their physical and mental health because of that, their posture becomes bad. Schedule of our children are so tight, even they do not have time to play. They have lot of load on their brain about studies, projects, activities, extra classes, competition classes, etc..Do they have enough time after school to spend according to their wish. Even most of the time they also spend in school bus or cab or Auto. They run just like a clock. No doubt this generation is sharp but we are not giving enough space to their brain to develop completely. Not only about the mental health, their physical health is also disturbed. If we read the posture of the students, it’s completely disturbed and bad. In future how they will survive. We teach the students good and bad posture and the most surprising thing is that we our self making the poor posture of the children. A lot of children have kyphotic posture because of their school bags and less physical activities and most important strength & stamina. Reduce the stress of students…mental & physical. A recent study of Year Five and Year Eleven students compared the differences in posture of students who did not carry a school bag with those who did. This study demonstrated that carrying a school bag did in fact cause postural changes in both groups of students. It also concluded that carrying a school bag was identified as an