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Best Sleeping Positions for Back Pain

One of the most Common pain conditions during night that people experienced. They don?t know the best sleep positions to avoid back pain. It?s estimated that 78% of adults suffer from back pain and the percentage gradually increasing each year for a multiple reasons. One of the most common reasons because most of the people are unaware that their sleeping habits affects their physical health. Your mattress firmness, positioning or lack of sleep may be the cause of your discomfort during night. So we think, its our responsibilities as a Physiotherapist that we have to suggest that how to prepare for a painless, good night?s Sleep with proper posture.

Sleeping Positions for Back Pain
Your Sleeping habits & body aches both are connected and can have a superior impact of each other. While they may not be the root cause of your back pain or sleep impairment, they can definitely can affect your mood, joint and muscle pain and sleep schedule. That?s why paying attention to your body posture while lying down is crucial to managing spinal issues. Here is how the best sleep positions for back pain have an effect on your body compared to the wrong positions: